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I understand the challenges Charleston small businesses face – I’ve been there myself. That’s why I focus on delivering results-driven SEO and website design that fits your budget and fuels your growth.

SEO Services & Web Design for Small Businesses

Most agencies offer cookie-cutter services. We specialize in helping Lowcountry small businesses gain the visibility they deserve. We focus on laser-sharp SEO strategies. Our comprehensive SEO digital marketing strategies include SEO (search engine optimization), Keyword Research, Content Creation & Optimization, Technical SEO, Data & Analytics Research, Hyper-Local SEO Targeting, SEO Audits, Competitor Analysis, Website Design, and (Finally..) Website Development. We’ll make sure Lowcountry customers find you when they search online. We aim to meet the full spectrum of your SEO needs, ensuring a cohesive and effective online presence.


We make sure your small business is the first answer customers see when they search for your services online. Think of us as the bridge connecting your expertise with those who need it.

Website Development

Your website is often the first impression customers have of your business. We’ll craft a site that embodies Lowcountry charm, makes navigation a breeze, and is designed to turn visitors into loyal customers. Don’t be left in the digital dust – if your website hasn’t been updated in years, it’s time for a refresh!

Keyword Research

We unlock the secrets of what Charleston residents are searching for online! We use powerful tools to uncover the exact keywords and phrases that connect your business with the perfect customers. (It’s kind of like Tinder, kind of…)

Content Creation & Optimization

Words matter, but so does the way you use them! We’ll craft compelling blog posts, guides, and website copy that resonate with your Charleston audience and make Google take notice. By creating engaging, relevant content, we signal to Google that your website offers value – boosting your search. 


Technical SEO

Don’t let technical snags drag down your small business online. We optimize all the hidden factors that impact your search rankings – image optimization, blazing site speed, and all that critical (but headache-inducing!) SEO stuff.


Data & Analytics Research

Data is your competitive edge! With tools like Google Analytics and SEMRush, we decipher the numbers to pinpoint what attracts small business customers to your website. This allows us to continuously refine your SEO strategy, delivering measurable results and maximizing your marketing investment.


Competitor Analysis

Gain a strategic edge for your small business! We’ll dissect your competitors’ online presence, identifying where they shine and where they stumble. This allows us to tailor your SEO approach for maximum impact.


SEO Audits

Get a comprehensive diagnosis of your website’s online health. Our SEO audit pinpoints hidden problems holding you back in the search results. We’ll provide a detailed action plan to elevate your rankings and leave the competition behind.


Local SEO

“Near Me” searches are essential for your small business. We ensure your business pops up in the map results, by optimizing your Google My Business Profile. Everything from review management, monthly posts, updated photos and more.


On-Page Optimization

We optimize every page of your website to attract customers and boost your search engine visibility for your small business. Think of it as a digital makeover – adding charm, clarity, and SEO power that brings qualified leads to your door.

Schema Markup

Your website talks to search engines in a language they understand. We use schema markup, like a secret map, to tell Google exactly who you are and what you offer in the Lowcountry. This clarity helps search engines showcase your business to the right customers boosting your ranking and attract more leads.


National SEO

Go national without going generic! We’ll identify high-value, national keywords that resonate with your ideal customers across the US. By integrating these keywords into your website content and strategy, we’ll attract the right audience ready to buy from you.


About the Owner.

I was let go from my job in October 2023 due to the need to reduce operating costs, and it was a tough pill to swallow. My SEO department was thriving, with a steady influx of new clients, consistently high job performance, and glowing annual reviews. I maintained a positive attitude in the workplace, fostering excellent team synergy. However, it all boiled down to numbers. This experience made me reflect on the investment I put into my growth and improvement.

I realized that I didn’t want to potentially face similar situations in the future with other employers. That’s when the idea of taking matters into my own hands and running my own company, Offset Digital, began to take shape. Welcome to my website. I genuinely hope you enjoy your time here. My heart and soul has been poured into the creation of this business and I hope you get to see a little bit of my love and passion for this industry. If you require assistance with SEO or marketing in any capacity, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d be thrilled to help in any way I can.

Cory Towler

Client Testimonies

Whatever Cory is doing with our website, its working. We went from page 4 on Google to page 1 in a matter of 6 Months.

Troy Case

We were averaging around 5-10 leads coming in each from month from our website, since Offset Digital took over we are now averaging 20-30 Leads each month. Its incredible. Thank you guys!

Marc Fishberger

Cory's a super insightful and energetic designer that continually pushes to give clients his best work. I've seen his hunger to improve and provide quality outcomes many times.

Ed Speyers

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