Charleston SEO Wizardry at its finest.

Charleston has never had an SEO company quite like this one. No Really. They Haven’t. We don’t even know what to do with ourselves half the time. But we do know what to do with your website. 

Our Charleston SEO Services: Your Secret Spell to Online Success in the Lowcountry

Hey there, fellow Charleston business owner! (Sorry to assume, but that is who you are right?) I’m Cory, founder of Offset Digital, a small and super-focused Charleston SEO and web design firm. Now, I know what you’re probably thinking – another SEO company promising the moon and the stars, right? Well, that’s not us. We’re a bit different.

Let me be real for a minute: If you’re having a hard time getting your Charleston business noticed online, you’re not alone. The internet’s a noisy place, and getting your website in front of the right people in Charleston can feel like searching for seashells at Folly Beach during tourist season – frustrating!

But here’s the deal: SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) can turn that frustration around. Think of it like a megaphone for your website. With the right SEO strategies, you can make sure your business shows up when folks are searching for exactly what you offer, right here in the Charleston area.

So, what exactly is Charleston SEO, anyway?

Great question! In a nutshell, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about making your website super appealing to Google and other search engines. It’s a mix of fixing technical stuff behind the scenes, using the right keywords, and creating content that people actually want to find.

Why is SEO important for your Charleston business? Simple:

  • Be Where Your Customers Are: Most folks start their search for businesses online – that’s where your customers are looking, right this second.
  • Beat the Competition: Strong SEO helps you outrank the other guys here in Charleston.
  • Grow Long-Term: It’s about building a solid online presence that pays off for years to come.
  • Do What Others Don’t: You’d be shocked at just how many businesses do not use SEO as a part of their marketing strategy. Your organic competitor is above you without SEO? Imagine what we could do with it added in.
  • Invest Back Into Your Business: Did you know that your website and the traffic that comes into the website is a determining factor of how valuable your business is? Im sure you’d like to retire at some point. Being able to show a possible buyer exactly how much traffic your business gets, and how many monthly leads your get each month is a HUGE upsell. It makes your company even more valuable that it already was.
  • Leverage Digital Marketing and Local SEO: Emphasizing digital marketing and local SEO is crucial for reaching your customers online and ensuring your business is visible to those searching within Charleston, enhancing both search visibility and foot traffic.

Fun Facts About Charleston: Did you know The first golf club in America was established in Charleston in 1787? 

(I sure didn’t. Until I started writing this content.)

Charleston SEO FAQ's: We Get These A Lot

“How long does SEO take to work?”

Like a good Lowcountry boil, SEO needs a bit of simmering. You won’t see overnight miracles, but with consistent effort, you’ll start seeing improvements in a few months. Think of it as a marathon, not a sprint.

“Is Charleston too competitive for my small business?”

Absolutely not! Big national brands may have deep pockets, but good Charleston SEO focuses on local searches and niche keywords. We can find those sweet spots where your business shines. And honestly, very few big brands put in the budget and effort to pull off local SEO on a national level.

“Do I need to blow up my website to do SEO?”

Not always! (I’d prefer you not, could be dangerous) Sometimes it’s about tweaks and improvements, sometimes a bigger overhaul is needed. Either way, we’ll be honest before we touch a single line of code.

Why SEO important for your Charleston business

Charleston SEO Services & Website Design Services

Most agencies offer complete digital marketing services, we don’t. We focus on what we know we are good at and work with people that do the same. We do however provide comprehensive SEO digital marketing strategies that encompass everything from: SEO (search engine optimization), Keyword Research, Content Creation & optimization, technical SEO, Data & Analytics Research, Hyper Local SEO Targeting, SEO Audits, Competitor Analyisis, Website Design and (Finally..) Website Development. It’s baffling that some companies say they “can do it all” and be good at everything at the same time. Not us though… We suck at email campaigns for example… Anywho. Our goal is to meet the full spectrum of your SEO needs, ensuring a cohesive and effective online presence.


Think of us as the megaphone that amplifies your business, so those searching for your services in Charleston hear you loud and clear. (This was a really poor analogy, I’m sorry)

Website Development

Your website’s a first impression for a lot of people – it needs Charleston charm AND functionality. We create websites that are visually appealing, user-friendly, and built to convert visitors into customers. (Don’t be that person. If it has been over eight years since you last changed it, I’m sorry, but it’s time for an upgrade.)

Keyword Research

Ever wondered what people actually type into Google? We find the Charleston-specific search terms that match your business with the right customers. (It’s kind of like Tinder, kind of…)

Content Creation & Optimization

It’s more than just words! We craft blog posts, guides, and website copy that speaks to Charleston and makes Google give your site a thumbs-up. Google’s search engine algorithm likes enagaging content. Since its users are what make them money, Google wants to reward those that enagage their people.


Technical SEO

Websites have invisible engines that need tuning too. We take care of all that behind-the-scenes website stuff that can trip up your rankings if you’re not an SEO geek (image optimization, site speed… the boring but important stuff!).


Data & Analytics Research

Numbers aren’t boring (unless it’s math), they’re our secret weapon! We track the data with software like Google Analytics and SEMRush that shows us what’s working (and what’s not), so your SEO strategy keeps getting stronger. 


Competitor Analysis

We peek behind the curtain of your Charleston rivals’ websites, revealing their SEO strengths and weaknesses. It’s like reverse-engineering their success so you can beat them at their own game.


SEO Audits

A checkup for your website’s search engine health. We’ll uncover hidden issues that may be dragging it down in the rankings. Think of it as the annual inspection to make sure your website’s engine is purring – ready to outpace Charleston competitors.


Local SEO

“Near Me” searches are gold for Charleston businesses. We make sure your downtown Charleston restaurant pops up in the map results.


On-Page Optimization

We fine tune each page of your website to make Google fall in love with it. It’s like adding Charleston charm to every corner of your online home – from the catchy headlines to those hidden code details that search engines notice.

Schema Markup

Your website speaks in code, and we give it a Charleston accent! Schema markup tells Google the who, what, and where of your business. It’s like adding a secret map that helps search engines understand and showcase your business, leading the right customers straight to your door.


National SEO

Want your Charleston business to attract customers from around the USA? We’ll optimize your site to shine on a National stage. We identify where your users are the make sure we optimize your site for national recognition.


Our Google Reviews are Almost as Cool as No Traffic on i26… Almost.

Steven Lewis
Steven Lewis
Corey was fantastic to work with. He built our website in a timely fashion and communicated continuously throughout the entire process. Highly recommend
Katie Cole
Katie Cole
Cory's knowledge and research has been key to helping the non-profit I serve on staff with begin to take the first steps to growing across the US. We are grateful for the time he has dedicated to assisting us in honing in our SEO as well as equipping us with the tools and resources we need to learn more about the whole process.
Warren Mainard
Warren Mainard
If you are looking for SEO Marketing services in Charleston, SC for your business or nonprofit, look no further than Cory at Offset Digital! Cory is an industry expert and tireless worker who will fight to make sure you and your company are seen. Cory helped me with the nonprofit I lead (IMPACT Players) not only better understand how to become more visible to the men we serve, but really the insides and outs of why SEO is so powerful for organizations like mine. I could not recommend Cory and Offset Digital highly enough for anyone looking for SEO services in Charleston, SC and beyond!
Jon McCoy
Jon McCoy
Professional and knowledgable.
Taylor Dempsey
Taylor Dempsey
Cory is the best!!! Highly recommend working with him!
Jonathon Tinkey
Jonathon Tinkey
I am a client of Offset Digital. They helped me develop my company website. I was fortunate enough to work with Cory Towler. Not only did he create my website from scratch, he explained what we are doing and why we are doing it, every step of the way. His heart for explaining how things work is exceptional as it informed and educated me on how to make better decisions in this collaborative process. I have no doubt, he has placed my business in a stronger competitive position. I will continue to use Offset Digital for our next phase of website development as well as on an ongoing advisory capacity. This company is perfect for main street businesses.
Tracey Coon-Hill
Tracey Coon-Hill
Cory’s knowledge of SEO is amazing He is able to explain it in easy to understand terms so you can understand the benefits and data supported ROI.
Kerry Webb
Kerry Webb
Cory is very knowledgeable and provides excellent customer service! He took the time to review my website and explain everything to me in a way I could understand. It's clear he's committed to helping his customers succeed!
Jim Towler
Jim Towler
Offset Digital is committed to excellence and provides great customer care and service! Highly recommend them for cost effectively bringing organic search traffic to your website and overall increasing you brand awareness to give you that competitive edge!

One of Our Local SEO Success Stories:

Before we dive into the good stuff (Yeah, it gets better), let me tell you about Car Keys To Go, an awesome car key replacement company located all around South Carolina. This local business was struggling to get people to find them online. After our discovery call, I got to work. There was a lot of work to be done but we started with a complete rebuild from the ground up of the website. Their original website was on WIX (Which is known for its issues with SEO and Google crawling them) and they were only receiving about 15 leads each month coming in from their website, with no idea of how those leads were coming in. We rebuilt the website, set up tracking with analytics, and began pushing local SEO to their target locations.

We initiated our SEO campaign with six carefully selected focus keywords for each location. Criteria for selection included overall search volume, keyword difficulty, and alignment with the search intent of those seeking immediate service. The keywords included Car Key Replacement, Key Remote Replacement, Smart Key Replacement, Key Programming, Car Remote Replacement, and Replacement Car Key.

At the outset, their highest-ranked keyword, “Key Remote Replacement,” resided at position 18 on Google’s search results (Page 2). The table below illustrates the initial positions for their focus keywords and the significant progress achieved since then. Feel free to verify their current rankings by searching “Car Key Replacement Rock Hill” or click here for a direct link to their Google standings. Presently, they hold positions 2-3 on Google, a remarkable leap from their initial placements on pages 2 or 3 for most Rock Hill keywords. Every single one of their Rock Hill keywords now resides at the top of the coveted Page 1 on Google.

SEO client spotlight - Car Keys to Go

Now you may ask, did they increase on the amount of form submissions and leads they were receiving? They absolutely did. They are currently averaging anywhere from 60-80 quality leads each month.

Charleston SEO Company

Okay, but what’s so special about you?

We get it. It seems like every web company offers SEO these days. Here’s why we’re a little different when it comes to Charleston SEO:

  1. There Will be No Breaking Banks in this House: We get it. SEO isn’t cheap, but it can be affordable. That’s part of why I decided to start this company. We are not cheap, our rates are more affordable than most. But if you want someone to fight like hell to get you to where you want to be, I can assure you there isn’t another person out like quite like me.
  2. Charleston’s Our Backyard: We live and breathe this city! We’re not some big agency churning out cookie-cutter SEO campaigns. We know what makes Charleston tick. As Charleston SEO experts, we have a deep understanding of the local market, ensuring our strategies are perfectly tailored to get you the visibility you need.
  3. Small Businesses are Our Jam: We get the struggle! Tight budgets, wearing many hats, and needing clear results. We work with you, not just for you.
  4. No Smoke & Mirrors: We hate confusing jargon and hidden fees. We break down SEO into simple terms and lay out our pricing upfront.
  5. It’s All About Results: Our goal is more customers walking through your door (or hitting that “contact us” button).

What Are Some of the Most Important factors When it Comes to Charleston SEO?

I’m glad you asked.

most important factors for SEO in charleston

1.) Charleston-Focused Keyword Research & Implementation:

Guessing does not work in this industry. One simply can not guess what people search for; use tools similar to SEMRush to find opportunities. Find the exact terms your Charleston customers use (even those neighborhood-specific ones!). For example, someone looking for a plumber on James Island might search for “emergency plumber in James Island” – we should target those! Why? It’s simple… kind of… although a keyword like this may not have the monthly search volume of a keyword like “Plumber James Island”, it is still extremely relevant. Keywords that include “emergency” or “help” indicate the immediate need of your services. These are often considered long tail keywords and this one specifically is considered a Transactional Keyword, because the user is indicating an immediate need that you provide. Long tail keywords tend to be much easier to rank for when compared to something shorter, like the one mentioned above. So what does this mean? It means finding the keyword can get you to the top of Google’s search results quicker, which means more traffic to your website, and yep, you guessed it, higher quality leads.

2.) Website Optimization Goodness:

Making sure your website is squeaky clean for search engines – fast loading, easy to navigate, and full of the good stuff Google loves. Incorporating superior web design is crucial in your search engine optimization efforts, as it not only enhances the site’s aesthetics and functionality but also plays a significant role in improving website performance and user experience, which are key factors in SEO success. If youre unsure of how fast your site is, use tools like PageSpeed Insights! It takes a few seconds to run a report and you can see exactly how well both the mobile version of your site is performaing and the desktop version! 

Bonus Tip: Image Optimization is Huge. What are the titles and descriptions of images you upload to your website? Would it surprise you if I said the image above this text has been 100% optimized for SEO? 

3.) Optimizing Your Google My Business Profile

image off offset digital - seo agency's google my business profile

How “Near Me” Searches Work:

Make sure your Google My Business Listing has been 100% Optimized. This directly helps with those “near me” searches on Google. Ive had this question asked a lot: “Can’t you just have “near me” coded or added in to the content and it work the same way?” Unfortunately, thats not how “near me” searches work with the algorithm. Google uses the location data of your phone to determine where you are in relation to the service your searching for. I’m sure you’ve seen that pesky little pop up on your phone “Google Would Like to Use Your Current Location”. You can either allow or deny this. If you deny this, GREAT! You’ve now ever so slightly slowed Google’s eventual evolution into Skynet and they know a little less about where you are. If you allow this, Google can more accurately determine how close you are to the nearest Starbucks, after you finished walking your dog in Marion Square.

How to Fully Optimize Your Google My Business Listing:

  1. Claim Your Spot: If you haven’t already, snag your business name on Google My Business. It’s like planting your flag in the heart of Charleston’s online map.
  2. Details, Details, Details! Fill out your profile like a proud Charleston tour guide – address, hours, website, and a description that’s as charming as Rainbow Row. (Its pretty straightforward, Google will tell you when its been 100% complete)
  3. Show ‘Em What You Got: Pictures are key! Upload shots of your storefront, happy customers, and your best work. Think of it as your virtual storefront window.
  4. Reviews Are Gold: Encourage satisfied Charleston customers to leave reviews – they’re like shiny recommendations that make Google take notice.
  5. Stay Social: Keep your listing fresh! Post updates, offers, and those eye-catching photos to show you’re a vibrant part of the Charleston business scene.

4.) Create Content that Counts:

Let’s say you’re a downtown Charleston clothing boutique – we could write a blog post like “5 Charleston Fashion Trends for Spring” to attract your ideal customer. But we can take it a step further and make it hyper-local! “Where to Find the Perfect Outfit for Charleston Fashion Week” or “Top Spots to Take Outfit Photos in Charleston” would be even more targeted and informative for potential customers.

Developing content around your customers interests is so essential to your visibility online. We sit down and do the research to know what your customers are searching, we know what interests them. We take the time to develop that kind of content for your website. Here are some awesome ideas for various industries in Charleston! What do you think?

7 common myths about seo

This is an example of how we use blogs for our business.

Content Ideas for Targeting Charleston Visitors:

  • “Charleston Vacation Must-Dos: A Local’s Guide to the Best Spots” (Perfect for restaurants, shops, or tour operators)
  • “Planning the Perfect Charleston Getaway: Activities, Hidden Gems, & Local Tips” (Ideal for B&Bs or even rental property owners)
  • “Experience Charleston Like a Local: A Guide to the City’s Best-Kept Secrets” (Attracts a visitor looking for an authentic Charleston experience)

Content Ideas for Hyper-Local SEO Content:

  • “Charleston Neighborhood Spotlight: South of Broad” (Could be a series, great for any business highlighting their area)
  • “Charleston’s Top Instagrammable Spots: Where to Snap the Perfect Shot” (Useful for boutiques, cafes, or businesses with visually appealing offerings. Try to find a spot within walkable distance to your business!) – … Instagrammable… that’s a word right?
  • “Meet Your Charleston Neighbors: Supporting Local Businesses” (Collaborative idea where multiple businesses cross-promote)

SEO Content Ideas Industry-Specific Content:

  • “Charleston Wedding Planning Made Easy: Your Ultimate Checklist” (Florists, venues, photographers, etc., could all use a version of this)
  • “Charleston Homeowner’s Guide: Tips for Repairs, Renovations, & Maintenance” (Addresses a pain point for many homeowners, and opens opportunities for contractors, landscapers, etc.)
  • “Discover The Burger of the Decade” (Yep, Tattooed Moose, Im talking to you.)( Every Charleston restaurant needs a fresh, enticing blog like this)

We’ll be your Charleston SEO partner, not just another vendor

We don’t make empty promises.

Plain English, Please: You won’t need an SEO dictionary to talk to us.

Your Success = Our Success: When your business grows, we’re celebrating right along with you. As a small Charleston SEO agency and Charleston SEO company, we personally know how it feels to get those wins. We get it. And we cant wait to watch you grow.

Flexible & Focused: We work with your budget and goals, even if you’re just starting out. Our reputation as a search engine optimization company and SEO company is built on our commitment to providing responsive, client-focused services that drive real results.

Charleston Champions: We’re in this for the long haul, just like you. We want to see your Charleston business thrive!

Client Testimonials: Seeing Our Work in Action

"Cory's knowledge and research has been key to helping the non-profit I serve on staff with begin to take the first steps to growing across the US. We are grateful for the time he has dedicated to assisting us in honing in our SEO as well as equipping us with the tools and resources we need to learn more about the whole process.”

– Katie Cole

"Cory was fantastic to work with. He built our website in a timely fashion and communicated continuously throughout the entire process. Highly recommend”

– Steven Lewis

“I am a client of Offset Digital. They helped me develop my company website. I was fortunate enough to work with Cory Towler. Not only did he create my website from scratch, he explained what we are doing and why we are doing it, every step of the way. His heart for explaining how things work is exceptional as it informed and educated me on how to make better decisions in this collaborative process. I have no doubt, he has placed my business in a stronger competitive position. I will continue to use Offset Digital for our next phase of website development as well as on an ongoing advisory capacity. This company is perfect for main street businesses.”

– Jonathan Tinkey

Charleston SEO FAQs

How long does it take to see SEO results with SEO services?

The timeline for SEO results can vary based on numerous factors, including your website’s current state and the competitiveness of your industry. While some improvements can be seen in a few months, substantial results often take 6 to 12 months or more.

What sets your SEO services in Charleston apart from others?

You’re telling me you just read through over 4000 words of content and you still don’t know? HA! Kidding. I’d love to speak with you if you have additional questions. I hope this content was engaging an entertaining. SEO doesn’t have to be boring, it can be fun. I hope you saw a little bit of the passion I have for this industry and the people within it.

How can content creation enhance SEO services in Charleston?

Quality content creation is essential for SEO success. Engaging, informative content not only attracts search engines but also captivates your target audience, increasing the time they spend on your website and the likelihood of sharing your content.

Why is keyword research vital for SEO services in Charleston?

Keyword research is the foundation of a successful SEO strategy. Understanding which keywords your local audience uses allows you to tailor your content and optimization efforts to match their search intent.

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