Mt. Pleasant SEO Services: Data Driven Strategies for Real Results.

Mt. Pleasant SEO Services: Data Driven Strategies for Real Results.

Looking for Results Almost As Beautiful as the Sunset Behind the Ravenel

Mt. Pleasant SEO, Built for Small Businesses with Lead Conversion as the focus.

Hey there, Mt. Pleasant business owners! I’m Cory, and I run Offset Digital. Do you feel like finding new customers online is harder than navigating rush hour on Coleman Boulevard? You’re not alone! Let’s make those frustrations a thing of the past and get your website working for you. Word of warning, though: If we work together, I might make you wonder if I’ve lost my mind with all this SEO talk. Rest assured, the enthusiasm is real, and the results are even better. At Offset Digital, we pride ourselves on offering a customized SEO strategy, tailored to each client’s unique needs and business goals, ensuring measurable results and building long-lasting relationships.

Okay, but What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Why Do I Need It?

Think of Google as a massive library with millions of books (websites), and your potential customers are eager readers searching for their next great find. Search engine optimization (SEO) is like that super-helpful librarian who understands your book’s unique value and knows exactly how to organize it. They even add those little recommendation cards that say, ‘If you loved that book, you’ll love this one!’ That’s (basically) how search engine optimization gets you discovered by your perfect customers – the ones who’ll walk out of that library (your website) with a sigh of relief because they finally found the solution they desperately needed.

Here’s an Example: Let’s say you’re an up-and-coming local brewery in Mt. Pleasant. With some SEO magic, when someone searches ‘Mt. Pleasant breweries’ or ‘best beer in the Lowcountry,’ your website pops up front and center on the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs). Appearing on the first page of SERPs is the ultimate goal of SEO, as it significantly increases your visibility to potential customers. That’s the power of targeting the right keywords and making sure your website ticks all the boxes Google loves.

“But I Already Have a Website…”

That’s awesome! But hear me out: Just having a website is isn’t enough. Think of it like setting up a fantastic booth at the Cooper Bridge Run after-party but not giving everyone free beer. SEO is basically just handing out free beer. Now, what happens when you start handing out beer? Your booth turns into a more exciting spot. It begins to attract new people slowly, and then, before you know it, there’s a line of people eager to check out what you offer. (Now that was a banger of an analogy.)

Common Headaches

Let’s be honest: marketing can be a real headache. Here are some things I often hear from fellow business owners:

  • Feeling invisible online: You’ve invested in a website, but crickets. You ran a radio ad and directed them to the website, but you’ve not seen anything.
  • Traditional ads eating your budget: Billboards, newspaper ads… they’re pricey, and it’s hard to know if they really work. You take a leap of faith with a pricey Yellow Pages ad or a local magazine spot. Months go by, and it’s hard to tell if those ads actually brought in more customers. With SEO, I’ll show you exactly where your website traffic is coming from and, more importantly, how many of those visitors turn into paying clients.
  • Overwhelmed by online marketing buzzwords: SEO, PPC, backlinks… it’s enough to make your head spin!

Do any of these sound familiar? If so, you’re in the right place! Developing comprehensive marketing strategies, including a focus on SEO, can help overcome these challenges by leveraging data-driven approaches and incorporating various digital marketing strategies like search engine marketing, social media advertising, and online advertising to attract more visitors and foster business growth.

Mt pleasant SEO - View of Mt Pleasant

Mt. Pleasant SEO Services & Website Design

Most agencies offer complete digital marketing services, we don’t. We focus on what we know we are good at and work with people that do the same. We do however provide comprehensive SEO digital marketing strategies that encompass everything from: SEO (search engine optimization), Keyword Research, Content Creation & optimization, technical SEO, Data & Analytics Research, Hyper Local SEO Targeting, SEO Audits, Competitor Analyisis, Website Design and (Finally..) Website Development. It’s baffling that some companies say they “can do it all” and be good at everything at the same time. Not us though… We suck at email campaigns for example… Anywho. Our goal is to meet the full spectrum of your SEO needs, ensuring a cohesive and effective online presence.


There are over 208 different ranking factors when it comes to SEO and the things we strategize around. I won’t bore you with them all, but here are some of the most important based on what Google has said. 

Website Development

Your website’s a first impression for a lot of people – it needs Mt Pleasant flair AND functionality. We create websites that are visually appealing, user-friendly, and built to convert visitors into customers. (Don’t be that person. If it’s been over 8 Years since you last changed it, I’m sorry, but its time for an upgrade.)

Keyword Research

Ever wondered what people actually type into Google? We find the Summerville-specific search terms that match your business with the right customers. (It’s kind of like Tinder, kind of…)

Content Creation & Optimization

It’s more than just words! We craft blog posts, guides, and website copy that speak to the Mount Pleasant area and make Google give your site a thumbs-up. Google’s search engine algorithm likes engaging content. Since its users are what make them money, Google wants to reward those who engage their people.


Technical SEO

Websites have invisible engines that need tuning too. We take care of all that behind-the-scenes website stuff that can trip up your rankings if you’re not an SEO geek (image optimization, site speed… the boring but important stuff!).


Data & Analytics Research

Numbers aren’t boring (unless it’s math), they’re our secret weapon! We track the data with software like Google Analytics and SEMRush that shows us what’s working (and what’s not), so your SEO strategy keeps getting stronger. And your business gets a copy of that every month!


Competitor Analysis

We analyze your competitors’ websites, revealing their SEO strengths and weaknesses. It’s like reverse-engineering their success so you can beat them at their own game. I personally call this the Out Rank Strategy. Ask me about it some time.


SEO Audits

A checkup for your website’s search engine health. We’ll uncover hidden issues that may be dragging it down in the rankings. Think of it as a quarterly inspection to make sure your website’s engine is purring – ready to outpace Mt Pleasant competitors.


Local SEO

“Near Me” searches are massive for Mt Pleasant businesses. We make sure your business pops up in the map results by 100% optimizing the Google Business Profile and keeping it up to date. Every. Single. month.


On-Page Optimization

We fine tune each page of your website to make Google fall in love with it. We organize your pages to make sure the content structure is correctly built and make sure each page ranks for the content that is included – from the catchy headlines to those hidden code details that search engines notice.

Schema Markup

Your website speaks in code, and we give it some Mt. Pleasant flair! Schema markup tells Google the who, what, and where of your business. It’s like adding a secret map that helps search engines understand and showcase your business, leading the right customers straight to your door.


National SEO

Want your Mt Pleasant business to attract customers from around the USA? We’ll optimize your site to shine on a National stage. We identify where your users are the make sure we optimize your site for national recognition.

Our Google Reviews are Almost as Cool as No Traffic on Coleman Blvd… Almost.

Steven Lewis
Steven Lewis
Corey was fantastic to work with. He built our website in a timely fashion and communicated continuously throughout the entire process. Highly recommend
Katie Cole
Katie Cole
Cory's knowledge and research has been key to helping the non-profit I serve on staff with begin to take the first steps to growing across the US. We are grateful for the time he has dedicated to assisting us in honing in our SEO as well as equipping us with the tools and resources we need to learn more about the whole process.
Warren Mainard
Warren Mainard
If you are looking for SEO Marketing services in Charleston, SC for your business or nonprofit, look no further than Cory at Offset Digital! Cory is an industry expert and tireless worker who will fight to make sure you and your company are seen. Cory helped me with the nonprofit I lead (IMPACT Players) not only better understand how to become more visible to the men we serve, but really the insides and outs of why SEO is so powerful for organizations like mine. I could not recommend Cory and Offset Digital highly enough for anyone looking for SEO services in Charleston, SC and beyond!
Jon McCoy
Jon McCoy
Professional and knowledgable.
Taylor Dempsey
Taylor Dempsey
Cory is the best!!! Highly recommend working with him!
Jonathon Tinkey
Jonathon Tinkey
I am a client of Offset Digital. They helped me develop my company website. I was fortunate enough to work with Cory Towler. Not only did he create my website from scratch, he explained what we are doing and why we are doing it, every step of the way. His heart for explaining how things work is exceptional as it informed and educated me on how to make better decisions in this collaborative process. I have no doubt, he has placed my business in a stronger competitive position. I will continue to use Offset Digital for our next phase of website development as well as on an ongoing advisory capacity. This company is perfect for main street businesses.
Tracey Coon-Hill
Tracey Coon-Hill
Cory’s knowledge of SEO is amazing He is able to explain it in easy to understand terms so you can understand the benefits and data supported ROI.
Kerry Webb
Kerry Webb
Cory is very knowledgeable and provides excellent customer service! He took the time to review my website and explain everything to me in a way I could understand. It's clear he's committed to helping his customers succeed!
Jim Towler
Jim Towler
Offset Digital is committed to excellence and provides great customer care and service! Highly recommend them for cost effectively bringing organic search traffic to your website and overall increasing you brand awareness to give you that competitive edge!

Already Have an SEO Provider? Questions to Ask

I get it. You’ve invested in SEO (Some of you for years at this point), but you’re not sure if it’s actually working. It’s a frustrating position to be in. Here are a few key questions to ask your current SEO provider – their answers will help you determine if you’re getting the value and service you deserve.

  • “Can you show me reports on my website traffic and keyword rankings?” (This reveals if they’re actively tracking metrics or just winging it.)
  • “What are the specific strategies you’re using to improve my rankings?” (Beware of vague answers or them being hesitant to explain their process. You’re looking for a highly in-depth answer here).
  • “How are you helping me optimize for local searches?” (This is crucial for Mt. Pleasant businesses. A super easy way to identify issues with SEO is to search: [Location + Service You Provide] simply. For instance, I (obviously) run an SEO agency so that I would type into Google “Mt Pleasant SEO Services.” Put yourself into the shoes of the clients you want and ask yourself, “What would I search for If I needed these services?” If your business isn’t on page 1, then you’re probably not getting any benefits from your SEO.)
  • “Can you explain any recent Google algorithm updates and how they’ve impacted my SEO strategy?” (This gauges their commitment to staying current. This question caught me off guard early on when I started working in the SEO industry.. It’s a good one, believe me.)
  • “How do you measure the success of your SEO efforts?” (There should be clear benchmarks beyond just “more website traffic”. Although website traffic is part of the equation, it’s a piece of the pie, not the whole thing. What is the quality of the traffic? Has the time spent on site gone up? Are the users coming back to the site? Have your rankings for your most important keywords gone up? Are you gaining good quality backlinks?)
  • What are my Top Performing Keywords? Are they branded keywords or non-branded keywords? (If they don’t have an immediate answer for this, or they hesitate to respond, odds are they don’t know what they are doing. I’ll explain more below.) 

It might feel awkward to ask your SEO provider these questions, but. These are genuine questions that you should be asking your SEO provider. You, as a business owner, are wholly responsible for asking and understanding these questions. Don’t be a person of willful ignorance; if you’re running a business, you have the responsibility to ask these questions for the health and well-being of your business. (I say it how it is; that is something you’ll (hopefully) learn about me when you call me to do a full SEO audit of your website. ;)) If you’re unsure about your current SEO, it’s likely because your provider might be making some of these common mistakes…

    Summerville SEO Services and how it can help your business

    Image Description: I asked Chat GBT “What do you think Mt. Pleasant looks like?” This is what it spit out. 

    Interesting Facts About Mt. Pleasant :

    The first recorded Hurricane in North America occurred in Mount Pleasant in 1680! 

    One of Our Local SEO Success Stories:

    Before we dive into the good stuff (Yeah, it gets better), let me tell you about Car Keys To Go, an awesome car key replacement company located all around South Carolina. This local business was struggling to get people to find them online. After our discovery call, I got to work. There was a lot of work to be done but we started with a complete rebuild from the ground up of the website. Their original website was on WIX (Which is known for its issues with SEO and Google crawling them) and they were only receiving about 15 leads each month coming in from their website, with no idea of how those leads were coming in. We rebuilt the website, set up tracking with analytics, and began pushing local SEO to their target locations.

    We initiated our SEO campaign with six carefully selected focus keywords for each location. Criteria for selection included overall search volume, keyword difficulty, and alignment with the search intent of those seeking immediate service. The keywords included Car Key Replacement, Key Remote Replacement, Smart Key Replacement, Key Programming, Car Remote Replacement, and Replacement Car Key.

    At the outset, their highest-ranked keyword, “Key Remote Replacement,” resided at position 18 on Google’s search results (Page 2). The table below illustrates the initial positions for their focus keywords and the significant progress achieved since then. Feel free to verify their current rankings by searching “Car Key Replacement Rock Hill” or click here for a direct link to their Google standings. Presently, they hold positions 2-3 on Google, a remarkable leap from their initial placements on pages 2 or 3 for most Rock Hill keywords. Every single one of their Rock Hill keywords now resides at the top of the coveted Page 1 on Google.

    SEO client spotlight - Car Keys to Go

    Now you may ask, did they increase on the amount of form submissions and leads they were receiving? They absolutely did. They are currently averaging anywhere from 60-80 quality leads each month.

    Mt Pleasant SEO Company

    How Our Mount Pleasant SEO Agency, Can Transform Your Business

    We get it. It seems like every web company offers SEO these days. Here’s why we’re a little different when it comes to Mt. Pleasant SEO:

    • Partnership, not just a service: I want to understand your unique business and goals. We’ll grow together! I’m not a big company, nor do I want to be. I want a handful of clients. I promise you this: you will not be just another customer in a sea of hundreds of clients. You’ll get my cell; you get me, not some account manager who needs to learn the ins and outs of SEO.
    • No cookie-cutter solutions: I’ll tailor an SEO plan specifically for your business and your budget. Once I’m done with my research and strategy planning, you’ll know exactly what steps I’m taking to get you those results you’re paying for!
    • We set Very Clear Expectations: SEO isn’t a “No traffic on i26 on the way home” kinda strategy; unfortunately, it takes time, a lot of it. I’m not going to lie to you: if you want quick results, SEO is not the strategy you need to employ. New Website? Expect six months to 1-2 years, depending on what industry you’re in and the budget you have. Established website? Typically, we see results at the six month (or earlier) mark.
    • Transparency every step of the way: You’ll get plain English reports showing how your SEO efforts are paying off. There is no need for a translator; my business is built around helping my clients understand the what and how of SEO. Heck, you might even want to do it yourself at a certain point… please don’t.

    SEO Mistakes that Common SEO Companies Make Every Day 

    SEO Red Flags to Look Out For:

    most important factors for SEO in charleston

    Red Flag #1: Keyword Stuffing:

    Overusing keywords in an unnatural way hurts readability. The Google we know today has grown up, it’s learned some stuff, and it has matured with time. With that, it can easily be understood when keywords are being added just to fit. Want a good example of how keywords look and feel within website content? Well… you’re reading it. If my content has kept your attention this long, imagine what I can do for your website to keep customers engaged with your business. If your content sounds awkward with keywords, that is a clear indication of the keyword stuffing red flag.

    Red Flag #2: Ignoring Mobile-Friendliness:

    Not having a website that works perfectly on smartphones is a massive misstep since so many people search on mobile devices. 60% of all searches are being done on mobile devices. Google has now made it a standard, so much so that it has officially switched to mobile-first indexing. Also, keep in mind that the speed of your site’s desktop version is different from that of your mobile version. Go ahead, put your website into PageSpeed Insights, and check the mobile speed; if it takes over 2-3 seconds to load… Yep, red flag.

    Red Flag #3: Buying Shady Backlinks:

    Focusing on quantity over quality of backlinks (links from other websites to yours) can actually backfire and damage your reputation with Google. Shady backlinks can be tricky to spot without the right tools, but there are some great free tools for you to use to check. UberSuggest is a great free tool you can use to see how many backlinks you have and if they are good backlinks. (See what I did there? I mentioned Ubersuggest because it’s a helpful free tool to start analyzing your backlinks. That is a healthy backlink. This is the type of backlink we want to create for your website. We want to make you an authority in your area of expertise and have others give you healthy backlinks.) 

    Red Flag #4: Outdated Strategies:

    Outdated SEO strategies can leave your website buried in search results, costing you potential customers… Tactics that worked a few years ago might now be ineffective or even penalized. (Outdated strategies can cripple your business. The number of SEO providers that are using tactics from 4-6+ years ago is staggering. This is harder to spot. Unfortunately, you’ll need to reach out to someone you trust who knows what they are doing and have them run an SEO audit on your site… I might know a guy…;) )


       Red Flag #5: Ignoring Content Quality:

      Focusing on pure technical SEO while having thin, poorly written, or duplicate content is a recipe for sinking in search results. Google isn’t just looking for websites that tick all the technical boxes; they want to see that you’re providing genuinely valuable information to searchers.

      Here’s why high-quality content matters, especially in light of Google’s E-E-A-T and Helpful Content Update:

      • Satisfying User Intent: Does your content answer the questions people are actually searching for…and do it well?
      • Expertise & Authority: Well-written, informative content signals knowledge and builds trust with potential customers.
      • Standing Out: Unique, high-quality content will get noticed and shared, naturally boosting your backlink profile.
      • Google’s Reward: Google wants to rank sites that serve users best. Great content is essential to making that happen.

      You found this page through a search didn’t you? Hmmm… there seems to be some real correlation going on…

      Red Flag #6: Lack of Measurable Results:

      Not setting clear metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) or failing to provide regular, transparent reporting on the impact of SEO efforts is an obvious red flag. Every one of my clients has automated reporting set up every month; it’s pulled directly from my SEO software. There is no fudging the numbers; you see exactly how things are performing every month. Keywords rise and fall all the time, but are they trending up? 

      “Red Flag #7: Obsessing Over Branded Keywords:

      It’s tempting to get excited when you rank #1 for your business name or variations of it. However, the real power of SEO lies in attracting people who have yet to learn you. Think of it this way: Google wants to connect searchers with the best solutions to their problems. We will use my business as an example. If someone searches ‘Offset Digital SEO Services,’ they’re already looking for me. A strong SEO strategy should focus on keywords like ‘Mt Pleasant SEO Services’ to reach potential new customers.

      One of the most common mistakes I see is companies like yours pouring money into branded keywords, missing out on tremendous opportunities to expand their reach. I talked with a guy who had been using REDACTED (It’s not polite to throw businesses under the bus on the internet… but if you ask me who the company was.. I’ll tell you.) for over two years. He had been spending over $1700/month for two entire years. This means that he has invested over $40,800 into SEO. He came to me for an SEO audit, and unfortunately, I had to tell him the unfortunate news that this company had been taking advantage of him. And you can obviously work out the rest of those details… (he’s my client now). Now, for the real question… “Can You Help Me?” I can, and here is how. 

        We’ll be your Mt. Pleasant SEO partner, not just another vendor

        We don’t make empty promises.

        Plain English, Please: You won’t need an SEO dictionary to talk to us.

        Your Success = Our Success: When your business grows, we’re celebrating with you. As a small Mt Pleasant SEO agency, we personally know how it feels to get those wins. We get it, and we can’t wait to watch you grow.

        Flexible & Focused: We work with your budget and goals, even if you’re just starting out. Our reputation as a search engine optimization (SEO) company is built on our commitment to providing responsive, client-focused services that drive real results.

        We’re in this for the long haul, just like you. We want to see your Mount Pleasant business thrive!

        Client Testimonials: Seeing Our Work in Action

        "Cory's knowledge and research has been key to helping the non-profit I serve on staff with begin to take the first steps to growing across the US. We are grateful for the time he has dedicated to assisting us in honing in our SEO as well as equipping us with the tools and resources we need to learn more about the whole process.”

        – Katie Cole

        "Cory was fantastic to work with. He built our website in a timely fashion and communicated continuously throughout the entire process. Highly recommend”

        – Steven Lewis

        “I am a client of Offset Digital. They helped me develop my company website. I was fortunate enough to work with Cory Towler. Not only did he create my website from scratch, he explained what we are doing and why we are doing it, every step of the way. His heart for explaining how things work is exceptional as it informed and educated me on how to make better decisions in this collaborative process. I have no doubt, he has placed my business in a stronger competitive position. I will continue to use Offset Digital for our next phase of website development as well as on an ongoing advisory capacity. This company is perfect for main street businesses.”

        – Jonathan Tinkey

        Mt. Pleasant SEO FAQs

        FAQ 1: I’m too busy running my Mt. Pleasant business to mess with SEO. Can you handle it all?

        Absolutely! I understand your time is valuable. I offer comprehensive SEO management so you can focus on running your business while I optimize your website for success.

        FAQ 2: How do I know SEO will actually get me results?

        Unlike many marketing tactics, SEO success is measurable. I provide detailed reports showcasing increased website traffic, improved search rankings, and most importantly, more leads and customers for your Mt. Pleasant business.

        FAQ 3: My old website is outdated and ineffective. Can SEO help?

        Yes! SEO can breathe new life into an outdated website. Often, a combination of strategic optimizations and fresh content is all it takes to transform your site into a lead-generating machine. I’ll assess your website and develop a customized revitalization plan.

        FAQ 4: How does SEO help me compete with larger businesses in Mt. Pleasant?

        SEO levels the playing field. By targeting the right keywords and providing valuable content to your ideal Mt. Pleasant customers, your business can gain visibility even in competitive markets.

        FAQ 5: I’ve had negative experiences with SEO in the past. How is your approach different?

        I understand your frustration. My focus is on transparent, results-driven SEO. I avoid outdated tactics and instead prioritize sustainable strategies that align with Google’s best practices. Let’s discuss your past experiences and tailor a plan that builds trust.

        FAQ 6: How much does SEO cost, and how do I determine if it’s worth the investment?

        SEO pricing depends on your business goals and the competitiveness of your industry. I offer flexible packages to fit various budgets. During a free consultation, I can evaluate your needs and provide a clear picture of potential costs and the expected return on investment for your Mt. Pleasant business.

        Ready to Begin?

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