Peter David Brown

Personal Injury Lawyer SEO Case Study

Mar. 2021 – Jun.2022

Located in Seville & Medina OH

I had the privilege of working with Mr. Peter David Brown and his team by managing his SEO during my tenure at MB. I took on his account and managed any and all SEO tactics as well as implemented them to help more people find his business online. 


Increase of Organic Traffic compared to 2021


Increase of Focus Keyword Positions in Google


Increase in Website Visibility from focus keywords

personal injury lawyer seo case study
personal injury attorney seo case study

Picture of top keywords gained during my work. 

Picture of keywords that were somewhat negatively impacted by my work. With SEO its a push and pull, overall he was very satisfied with the gains over the losses. 

Total Number of Keywords Managed: 40

8 Focus Keywords Grown Page 1 of Google

Total Time Managing Account: 12 Months

What Exactly Is SEO, and how does it help my business?

SEO, which stands for “Search Engine Optimization,” is like making your website more attractive and friendly to search engines, such as Google. Imagine the internet is a vast library with billions of books (websites). When you want to find a specific book (website) on a particular topic, you ask the librarian (search engine) for help.

Now, SEO is the process of organizing your book (website) in a way that the librarian (search engine) can easily find it when someone asks a question (searches for a topic). This involves using the right keywords (the words people use in their questions), creating a well-structured and organized book (website), and ensuring it has valuable information.

The goal of SEO is to help your book (website) become one of the first ones the librarian (search engine) recommends when people are looking for information on a particular topic. So, in simple terms, SEO is about making your website more visible and accessible to people searching for relevant information online.

We achieved remarkable strides in enhancing their digital footprint. During my management of their SEO strategy, We saw their organic traffic increase by 59%, compared to 2021. This wasn’t just about getting more clicks; it was about connecting with people in need of expert legal support, and the numbers speak volumes.

Our targeted approach didn’t stop there. We honed in on the lawyer’s primary focus keywords, boosting their visibility in Google searches by an impressive 70%. This strategic move was about more than just numbers; it was about ensuring that when individuals in Charleston searched for legal help, our client was front and center.

Additionally, we increased the website’s visibility for these focus keywords by 17%. In the competitive field of personal injury law, this gain is significant. 

personal injury lawyer seo case study

This is a graph showcasing the online visibility for the focus keywords in a competitor comparison chart. PDB is represented by the blue line. 

personal injury attorney seo case study

This is a graph showcasing the average position of the focus keywords compared to where his competitors were. Notice all the ups and downs. SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. In the end we were able to breeze pasted his competitors in after about 2 years of work. 

personal injury lawyer seo case study

Picture of Client’s Google Analytics Growth. (March 2021-June 2022) – Something to point out. Growth in organic search traffic is not the determining factor success when looking at successful SEO. Sometimes good SEO means decreasing the overall organic traffic in order to gain better quality leads. Which is what we see here in this screenshot.

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