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In March of 2022 I was approached by the Owner of Car Keys to Go. He was interested in a new website and wanted to know more about SEO and what benefits it would bring to his business. 

SEO client spotlight - Car Keys to Go


Increase of Form Submissions Compared to 2021


Increase of Organic Traffic Compared to 2022


Increase of Keywords Grown to Page 1 of Google

What does Car Keys to Go Do?

Car Keys to Go stands out as an exceptional business, carving a niche in the market by assisting customers in replacing lost or damaged car keys. In the contemporary automotive landscape, the prevalence of “smart keys” requires meticulous programming for effective vehicle use. Traditionally, key replacement meant a hefty visit to the dealership, costing customers anywhere from $400 to $500. Car Keys to Go, however, offers a cost-effective solution, efficiently replacing and reprogramming keys at a fraction of the expense.

What Locations does Car Keys to Go Service?

The business has stores in Gastonia, NC, Charlotte, NC, Rock Hill, SC, and Spartanburg, SC. With their best performing store being in Charlotte, NC. They wanted to test SEO on their Rock Hill location because it was one of their newer locations. After over 18 months of SEO work, I’m proud to showcase the progress of this client. 

The Process

There was a lot of work to be done but we started with a complete rebuild from the ground up of the website. Their original website was on WIX (Which is known for its issues with SEO and Google crawling them) and they were receiving about 15 leads each month coming in from their website, with no idea of how those leads were coming in. We rebuilt the website, set up tracking with analytics, and began pushing local SEO to their target locations. 

The SEO Strategy for the Rock Hill Location:

We initiated our SEO campaign with six carefully selected focus keywords for each location. Criteria for selection included overall search volume, keyword difficulty, and alignment with the search intent of those seeking immediate service. The keywords included Car Key Replacement, Key Remote Replacement, Smart Key Replacement, Key Programming, Car Remote Replacement, and Replacement Car Key.

At the outset, their highest-ranked keyword, “Key Remote Replacement,” resided at position 18 on Google’s search results (Page 2). The table below illustrates the initial positions for their focus keywords and the significant progress achieved since then. Feel free to verify their current rankings by searching “Car Key Replacement Rock Hill” or click here for a direct link to their Google standings. Presently, they hold positions 3-4 on Google, a remarkable leap from their initial placements on pages 2 or 3 for most Rock Hill keywords. Every single one of their Rock Hill keywords now resides on the coveted Page 1 of Google.

SEO Keyword Rankings for Car Keys to Go

The Impact of SEO for their Business:

Securing a spot on page 1 translates to increased website traffic, more leads, and ultimately, heightened revenue. A staggering 83% of all clicks on Google occur on the first page, underscoring the immense value of this achievement in the digital landscape.

You might be thinking, “That’s excellent, but did these SEO efforts actually translate into more leads?” The answer is a resounding yes. In the earlier sections of this spotlight, I highlighted that they were receiving approximately 15 leads per month through their website. Fast forward to the last 6 months, and they are now averaging an impressive 60 leads per month, marking a remarkable 300% increase in form submissions within just 18 months. Since the inception of our collaboration, they have accumulated over 940 leads, with more than 52% attributed to the impact of SEO efforts.

Let’s delve into the specifics of their recent performance. In August, they secured 63 leads, followed by 58 leads in September. The pinnacle of their success was reached in October, where they garnered an outstanding 89 leads through form submissions, achieving an impressive 4% conversion rate. October stands as their best-performing month to date.

Screenshot taken from October of 2022.

Screenshot taken from October of 2023.


Increase of Form Submissions Year over Year

SEO client spotlight - Car Keys to Go
SEO client spotlight - Car Keys to Go

October – November 2022 VS October – November 2023. Source: Google Analytics. (20% Increase in Organic Traffic compared to last year.)

The Wrap Up for Our SEO Client Spotlight

The transformative power of SEO for their business is undeniable. Our concerted efforts spanned all four locations, with tailored content crafted for each, yielding remarkable results over the course of our collaboration. A snapshot of the keyword progress over the last 12 months reveals significant achievements: Gastonia on Page 1, Rock Hill on Page 1, Spartanburg on Page 1, and Charlotte securing the top of Page 2. Notably, Charlotte, being a larger market, experienced a shift from page 3 to the top of page 2 for the majority of their keywords. It’s essential to recognize that SEO is a marathon, not a sprint, and the enduring impact is evident in the sustained success across these diverse locations.

FAQs about SEO and Car Keys to Go

Q: How did the SEO efforts impact Car Keys to Go’s business in Rock Hill?

A: The SEO initiatives propelled Car Keys to Go’s Rock Hill location to page 1 on Google, resulting in increased website traffic, more leads, and a significant 300% surge in form submissions over 18 months. Their keywords now dominate page 1 search results, affirming the tangible benefits of SEO.

Q: What is the significance of being on page 1 of Google for Car Keys to Go?

A: Securing a place on page 1 is crucial, as 83% of all clicks on Google occur on the first page. This prime positioning not only enhances visibility but also translates into more visitors to the website, increased lead generation, and ultimately, improved revenue for Car Keys to Go.

Q: Did the increase in leads directly correlate with the SEO efforts?

A: Yes, the increase in leads is directly attributed to the SEO efforts. From an initial monthly average of 15 leads, Car Keys to Go now enjoys an average of 60 leads per month, with over 52% of form submissions directly linked to the impact of their SEO strategy.

Q: Can you provide specific examples of the lead growth achieved through SEO?

A: Certainly. In the last 6 months, Car Keys to Go experienced a remarkable uptick in leads, with 63 leads in August, 58 in September, and a standout performance in October, where they garnered an impressive 89 leads through form submissions, achieving a 4% conversion rate.

Q: How diverse are the SEO results across Car Keys to Go’s locations?

A: The SEO efforts spanned all four locations (Gastonia, Rock Hill, Spartanburg, and Charlotte), with tailored content for each. The keyword progress over the last 12 months showcases significant achievements, placing Gastonia, Rock Hill, and Spartanburg on Page 1, and elevating Charlotte to the top of Page 2.

Q: Why does the article emphasize that SEO is a marathon, not a sprint?

A: The emphasis on SEO as a marathon underscores the gradual, sustained impact it has on a business. While some locations, like Gastonia and Rock Hill, experienced rapid success, larger markets like Charlotte showcased a shift from page 3 to the top of page 2, highlighting the varied pacing of SEO results across different locations.

SEO Marketing Results – INsurance Case Study

Insurance SEO Case Study

Insurance Company Transformation in Goose Creek

At Offset Digital, we collaborated with an insurance company in Goose Creek for approximately six months. Their primary focus was on commercial and equipment insurance, but our collaboration started with their desire to expand personal insurance offerings, specifically in home and auto insurance. The concerted efforts led to a significant 14% increase in organic traffic compared to February 2023. Additionally, our dedication resulted in a notable 217% surge in their focus keywords, securing top-tier positions in Google’s search results. These impressive outcomes emphasize the effectiveness of our SEO Marketing in Summerville, SC strategies.

The Bottom Line: SEO as a Critical Investment

In summary, SEO serves as a fundamental investment for businesses in Summerville, SC. It significantly impacts online visibility, web traffic, brand recognition, and the generation of qualified leads. A commitment to effective SEO strategies is vital for businesses aiming to expand and thrive in an increasingly competitive digital landscape.

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